Polish developers are often considered some of the best in the world. Since I’m one of them, I know quite a bit about their strenghts and weaknesses. If you want to use Polish web development outsourcing services, you’re potentially making a great decision. But to make it truly great, you need to follow some rules. Find out and avoid disappointments.


Pick at least the mid price range

The big advantage of Poland is that you can get experienced developers for a relatively low price as the living costs in Poland are much lower than in the Western Europe or US. But if you want to do that, don’t go for the absolutely lowest prices. That way, you will only get inexperienced developers and those can compromise any project regardless of where they come from. By choosing the mid price range (around $30 000 anually), you still get a near-steal price and wonderful quality! To learn more about the price issue as well as other web development outsourcing to Poland factors, check out this software development Poland article (it tackles the web development Poland issue in detail in the context of Kraków).

Get familiar with their portfolio

There isn’t a better way to make sure that this is the person you’re looking for than taking a look at their portfolio. You can tell a lot when it comes to front end developers even if you are not a developer yourself. Make sure that their portals and apps work and feel great.

Make sure that communication works

When it comes to offshore software development, communication is always the issue. Make sure you use special communication tools to facilitate this area. Also, I recommend working with teams that practice Agile software development. This approach compels them to schedule regular meetings with you during the development process and carefully analyze each move and iteration.

If you want them to move to your country… expect to pay up

The headline says it all. If they stay in Poland, you can pay them by the Polish standard. But if you want them to move to another country to do the job, you need to pay them according to the standard of the country. No discounts here!

If they are experienced, they learn new stuff quickly

Polish developers are good at learning new stuff themselves (each developer should be!). If they are experienced, you can hire them even if they do not know all of the technologies you need them to. They can learn quickly.