Hi! It’s been a while. I haven’t got that much time to post regularly on frontendtrend. That is one of the reasons why I’m writing this particular piece – to give you more ideas on how to stay up to date with everything-front-end-development. You’ll find that you don’t need to visit countless web portals in order to do that.


News aggregators

Websites such as Reddit allows their users to post URLs to their content. Other users can then see it, comment on it or vote it in order to make it more popular and spread it even further. This particular mechanism makes it possible to gather all the best pieces of news in one place. Find subreddits on front end development. Also, visit similar sites specifically dedicated to front end development such as frontendfront.com. Such news aggregators are also great for RSS and usually make it easy for you to use it.


Find out whether some of your favorite news portals and individuals have newsletters. They usually contain the essence of all you need to know, condensed into on very digestible piece. Collect them all in one emaill address. You can make a new email address specifically for this kind of content.

RSS feeds

As I mentioned before, you can aggregate content yourself using RSS feeds thanks to Feedly and other similar software. It’s been working since forever and it’s still a great way to collect news quickly (my favorite).


Many great front end developers have Twitter accounts where they share the best content they find for many people to see and comment on. Follow some of the best and stay up to date with handpicked news articles from acclaimed experts. Here, you will find a lot of unique content, very noteworthy (I know what I’m saying ;)).


Collaboration apps such as Slack allow you to create separate channels where you can post all kinds of content. Say, you can create one especially for news for all your team members to post and read. Also, learn more about Slack since it is a great tool to enhance outsourcing software development.


What do you think about my list? How do obtain front end development news quickly? Leave your comments in the comment section below. I’ll be grateful!