Front end development is of course an essential part of the entire software development process. To the naked, untrained eye it may even seem like that’s all there is to it since most of users are unaware of whetever takes place on the server side. The question I would like to answer today is a bit different though. It it possible to decrease software development costs purely thanks to changes to strategy in front end development? Here are a few ideas of mine.


Hire junior front end developers to make simple projects

In need of setting up a few simple blog sites based on, say, WordPress or Joomla? Unique design is not that important? A single junior front end developer without much design bacground will do. Quality of the developer overall is the most important thing. But you don’t need to overdo it either. Make it a rule – if a project requires scalability, such as web apps that are meant to become more popular and powerful as time goes by, hire experienced developers. If a project is simple and doesn’t require scalability – a cheap developer will do.

Senior-junior team

Even more complex projects have some parts that are easier to do, especially under guidance. Instead of hiring two senior developers, you may consider hiring one more experienced developer and one that has below 2 years of experience. You may end up saving up without comprimising quality.

Web design and its relative importance

We all know how important the design of a website is for its ability to convers users into buyers, for user experience and so on. But in some cases web design is more important than in some other cases. For example, if you are setting up a bunch of websites that serve as simple informative blogs and can be used in with RSS readers, does it really matter whether it looks unique. Does it really make sense to hire a web designer to make such decisions? Perhaps a simple website made out of template will do? Ask the questions yourself.

Web development outsourcing made easier

If you think that web development outsourcing, including front end development services, must be expensive to be good, you are mistakes. It is possible to highly decrease rates and retain quality by choosing offshore software developers from Central and Eastern European countries. Learn this software development costs article to learn more.