Have you ever had to make a difficult decision on whether to go for a mobile application or a web application? Or perhpas do you know that someone that faced or is facing a decision like this? It’ very common as mobile apps and web apps can be often used for similar purposes, as  web apps can be accessed on mobile devices with the browser, but they have some distinct advantages. But this tough choice may soon become a thing of the past. Why? Find out.


Mobile application or web application?

It’s such a classic choice. Should my company prepare a mobile app for our latest marketing campaign? Mobile apps are faster, but developing them for all available platform will be expensive and also difficult to maintian (backwards compatibility). Web apps are universal and cheap, but can be slow and don’t have some important functionalities.

Mobile applications and web applications – advantages and disadvantages

Historically, mobile applications were often favored by large companies, especially for marketing campaigns. Higher costs were the issue. Aside of the presence of many rivaling mobile opertating systems, another problem was the fact that most of people don’t update their OSes. It’s not easy to provide backwards compatibility. Maintenance costs pile up. HTML5 mobile apps are cheaper, but much slower and limited in abilities. Web apps are a lot more of the same when you think about it as an alternative to a mobile apps. Lack of push notifications for example caused web apps to have much worse retention capability.

Progressive web apps to the rescue

Advances in web technologies and the availability of new web APIs makes it possible to use features that were previous only accessible to mobile apps. This includes first and foremost:

  • push notifications,
  • the ability to update background content,
  • content caching,
  • offline funtioncality.

With progressive web apps, you can produce universal croo platfroms apps that have everything that makes mobile apps and classic web apps unique – the best of both worlds.

As it is still a fairly new concept, it takes a skiled and experience software house to produce such progressive web apps. Read about how to tell an expert web application development company from those that won’t provide quality services.