So you are working hard to become a great front end developer? That’s awesome. But are you one of the highest paid developers? Being a front end developer is a good job in terms of salary, but not all developers are doing that much. To become really well paid, you need to make a lot good decisions as you progress. What kind of decisions?


Don’t get stuck doing repetitive stuff

One of the worst thing any front end developer can do is get stuck doing repetitive stuff. There are so many of those people, making simple one page websites with a touch of jQuery or modyfing WordPress templates the whole day. If you don’t try to challenge yourself with more advanced applications, you will never become a prized senior front end developer. Your portfolio won’t stand out much the same. Only front end developers experienced in doing innovative and complex projects get to earn the most. It is also the best way to land a job in a company doing web development outsourcing (learn here about that kind of projects best software houses do) for the biggest and most demanding clients.

Learn advanced technologies

One of the best ways to stumble upon more sophisticated front end development techniqes and projects is to learn more advanced techologies yourself. Are you really good at CSS? Learn SaaS or Compass! Are you a master of jQuery? Find out more about Angular or React! Try to use automation tools such as Gulp or Grunt. Learn more about using Git. Try even more advanced frameworks and tools. Software companies are searching for skilled and well versed developers and are willing to pay a lot of money since they are still scarce!

Always learn new ways to make the same thing better

I’m pretty sure you already know a lot of stuff. You know how to make sliders or how to create great and functional menu. But is that enough? Perhaps there is a way to do the same stuff more effective, using less code, less technologies or faster, without having to repeat a lot of work? Research new ways to do the same stuff better. It’s a great way to become a better developer faster. For starts, try to make slideshow or slider without using even a bit of jQuery! Challenge accepted?

Dont get stuck in one company – you’re the king

If you are not satisfied with your current company, do not hesitate to try to find another. There are so many and they long for developers. If you are good, you will find one that will pay you even more. The web development market belongs to the employee. Make use of that.


What do you think? What are your experienced? Do you agree with my advice? Leave your comments in the comment section below!