Few would be able to imagine proper software development without having to deal with form validation. The most recent Site Point article provided us with an overview of some of the best jQuery validation plugins. I decided to take a closer look at them and pick my favorites.


Bootstrap Validator

A verysimple yet useful jQury plugin that is actually a part of the popular Bootstrap framework. It only has some minimum options that will allow you to quickly set up basic form validation on the client side. Namely, it uses native HTML5 form attributes and displays browser error messages in the correct language. One thing you should be be wary of is that this Bootstrap Validator compels you to install a large chunk of the framework to proceed. So only use it when you are actually interested in more Bootstrap components. Otherwhise, it’s an overkill just for simple form validation.


Now that is a jQuery form validation star! It’s quite costly, but this plugin truly gives you amazing possibilites and it’s the best fit for complex apps that need specific validation rules. It supports Bootstrap, Foundation, Semantic UI, Pure and UIKit. It is also beautiful, has great code base written from scratch and makes a full use of the power of HTML5.


This particular jQuery validation form is actually the first choice in the Site Point article. And it’s really easy to find out why. It’s truly unique. Parsely takes aeay the entire nitty gritty of form validation, including Ajax. All you really have to do is specify your requirements using some English likes requierement rules. And you’re all set. Not a singly JavaScript line was spared on that day! Parsley really is that kind of plugin that can speed up custom software development.


And what do you think? Do you have some favorite jQuery form validation plugins that improve your custom web development process as a front end developer? Let me know in the comment section below!