Front end development is a crucial and unavoidable part of any web development project. At the same time, it seems to be one of th easiest and most tempting to outsource? Why? Because there are just so many people out there that do front end development work, including overseas, in countries with low costs of living. As a result, you can probably get front end developers in offshore countries for a fraction of the cost you would have to bear if you hired some front end experts in house. Is it really the case? Are front end developers that easy and affordable? Let’s find out.


Front end development and low barriers to entry

One of the main reasons why front end development is in one of the most outsourced skills is the fact that it has fairly low barriers to entry among software jobs. Of cource, becoming a great front end developer takes many years of work and great talent. But in order to land a junior level job, all you really need to know is some HTML, CSS, a little bit of JavaScript with a touch of jQuery. A lot of those individuals, working in offshore software development companies in low living cost countries such as India or the Philippines are only starting their journey and working on their very first project. Understandably, initially they’re not going to be good. And, unfortunately, those are the guys you’re most likely to get if you go for the cheapest option in web development outsourcing of front end development capabilities.

Expensive and quality or cheap and bad?

It’s always the you get what you pay for thing that gets in our way ,right? 😉 It’s the same with web development outsourcing. You can get an expensive and quality software company that is located in your vicinity. That way, you will get reliable developers that are within you reach, meaning, you can always talk to them in person and manage your project in a much more efficient manner. The alternative is hiring developers of varying quality from countries with low living costs such as India or Pakistan. Sure, not all developers from those countries are bad. But finding a reliable source of web development capabilities is usually preceeded by many disappointments. And web development is an area where bad quality of work is something that will return to hunt you for years to come. Software of bad quality is more than just a pain for your users. It’s a monster that is difficult to maintian and scale and often needs to be completely rewritten if you think about your future and plan the development of your websites and apps in the long term. That way, you will end up paying twice or more for the same thing. Front end development is an area that has a huge impact on the appearance of your software products as well as on their effective performance. The quality makes a world of differnece for anyone who has plans for their software in the future.

Is there a compromise?

Does that mean that the only way to ensure getting quality front end development capabilities is to get expensive developers from nearby companies? Not necessarily. A lot of companies, including marketing agencies and teams, that are searching for front end development skills, are finding out that countries such as Poland or Russian and other countries from the Eastern and Central Europe are the most effective web development outsourcing offer. Why? That’s because they’re offering splending quality at a reasonable price. That price may be higher than in, say, India, but when compared to the quality, it’s the best deal on the market. Countries such as Poland has a middle of the pack living costs combined with some of the best software talent in the world, being nothing short of a promised land for offshore software development for marketing teams, agencies and other companies looking to outsource front end development.